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How It All Started

Early one Saturday morning a young, clean cut marine, fresh out of boot camp walked into our store. He asked if we sold dog tag chains. I laughed and said “yes, of course, the Marines don’t supply chains anymore?” He said “No ma’am they ran out and we have to go buy our own”. I handed him the chain and said “thanks for serving”, and he replied “how much ma’am?” I told him there was no charge. “No ma’am, I cannot take this” he replied, but I didn’t give him a choice. So he humbly accepted the small token, and left. A few minutes later he reappeared, concerned with the fact that he had not given any money for the chain. He asked if I would at least accept his picture as payment since he had nothing else to offer other than money. I gladly accepted the picture and asked him his name. That is how it all started. It is our honor and duty to post our heroes pictures for all to see. Thank You to our veterans, past, present and future, and to their families who all sacrifice so much.


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